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Be Smart Women! It?s my story!

  Last week, when my husband Greg read the article “Smart Women Are a Lot Like Rocket Ships,” he asked me a nice question: “Every week you write about the same thing–making your Big Idea happen, Reaching your Goals and Dreams, getting the right support, blah, blah, blah… when are you going to write about

What Do Women Find Attractive? Here?s Your Key To Success With Women

You can read in many places nowadays about what do women find attractive in men, but the truth is, most of it is just plain wrong. The fact is that this is something that is quite difficult to comprehend rationally and that’s why there are a lot of myths. The biggest myth is that for

Fashion moncler women from affordable coat line

Moncler also just about any occasion the final result, the main reason is because of its leisure model. So whatever your age, the only occasions, you can also see that everyone has their own unique design and style of the trend. As we grow older, our taste and design development, but more mainly is mature

Women Trench Coats: Stylish And Comfortable

Well the age is all about wearing warmth, style and comfort together. No compromises anywhere, well it seemed to be impractical in yesteryears but now it is very feasible and practical. Men have moved that extra edge of combining comfort and style together. So, why not take that leap for a hip versatile and naive

Great Women?s Fitness Tips ? Effective Exercise Pointers for Women

Let’s face it, women are more pressured to look good than men in today’s society. Those flawless bodies we see in magazines, on TV, or on the Internet have become the gold standard by which beauty is defined in our society today. While some progress has been made when it comes to educating women that

Leading Brands Of Bras For Women

For the modern woman of today there has never been a better time to shop for lingerie and undergarments. In particular, the bra technology over the last twenty years has brought forth bras that are more comfortable, bring more support, and accentuate your shape better than ever before. There are so many selections available if